The Best Additions to Your Gaming Setup in 2017

The year is almost over and the world is set for a fresh start. For video gamers, it would be another year of exciting titles, gaming hardware and accessories. With so many upcoming product releases, 2017 may be the best time to consider upgrades for you gaming rig. Below is a list of the equipment that you might want to upgrade.

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As previously featured on Gear for Gaming, there are top-of-the-line gaming keyboards available in the market today. They allow any player to customize things from macros on the programmable “G-keys” to mini video display or back-lighting color. There are those who look slick and do things fast.

Most gamers prefer mechanical keyboard as they can endure longer abuse as well as aid boost typing accuracy. For this, the Das Keyboard 4 Professional with Cherry MX Blue available on Amazon at $160.99 gives a high-quality feel with a handy set of built-in media controls. It has either the Cherry MX Blue or the Cherry MX Brown switches. It likewise options designed for Macs.


If the gaming desktop is meant for entertainment, the $249-priced Polk Audio Hampden on Amazon gives everything more life. Though not so big in size, it sounds smooth and loud enough. It can connect through Bluetooth or USB, has a stylish look and have positive reviews.


Gear for gaming provides options to enhance any gaming setup at home. The gaming system may come on budget at first but after a while, a powerful webcam can be a welcomed addition. The built-in webcam in the smartphone, tablet or laptop may be fine with casual video chats but professional video conversations like remote interviews, video conferences and gaming are better with high-megapixel webcam.

The Logitech C920 costs $62.99 on Amazon and with a crisp 1080p video, clear audio and the capability to automatically adjust to lighting changes. The upgraded C920-C model is smoother for $30 more.

usb for gaming


The USB hub should not be overlooked, especially if the gaming system does not have enough ports for the accessories. It is a place to charge different mobile devices. The $39.99-priced 10-port USB 3.0 model from Anker does not occupy much desk space, has more ports and is well-spaced. Three of those ports refill devices faster.


The mouse is another featured item on Gears for Gaming and why wouldn’t it be? Gamers need a powerful and precise gaming mouse. The more sensitive the mouse is, the better. Some have programmable buttons and interchangeable side panels for better grips and to prevent hand cramps during epic gaming.

The Logitech MX Master is a “luxury mouse” which costs $69.99 on Amazon. Its textured big curves are easy and comfortable in the grip. People can use this via a Logitech USB receiver or Bluetooth Smart and its battery is not replaceable but rechargeable. It is equipped with five customizable buttons and on top of that, a second scroll wheel.


Gear for gaming usually recommends a friendly, easy and convenient gaming setup. A good keypad places the keys at the gamer’s fingertips. Razer Nostromo’s keypad comes in ergonomic form factor for comfort and precision. With a 16-button layout, it is optimized for easier access to gaming commands and enhance accuracy of key activation. The item is priced $150.00 on Amazon.


Many headset makers worldwide have come up with amazing units and they pump out professionally-tuned digital sound that would make gaming more immersive. Most premium headsets also come with a good microphone, which allows you to communicate with your teammates clearly. One of the premium ones that is worth checking out is the HyperX Cloud Revolver, which retails for less than $120 at Amazon. If you’re on a budget then Gear for Gaming urges you to consider the Steel Series Sibera 350 that retails less than $85.

HOTAS Warthog

For flight enthusiasts, a perfect replica of an A-10C control system in the form of HOTAS warthog is by all means worth having. The Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog comes with a $337.00 price tag, which isn’t cheap by any standard. However, many verified buyers have commented that it’s worth its price and some.


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