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Best Graphic Design Programs in 2016

Graphic design is visual communication using typography, illustration, and photography. It is a subset of visual communication and communication design. Graphic designers create and use the combination of images, symbols, and text in order to form a visual representation of messages and ideas. Graphic designers use visual arts, typography, and different page layout techniques to create a visual composition. Graphic designs are commonly applied in corporate logos and branding, editorial design, web design, advertising, communication design, product packaging, and signage.


Graphic Design Program

There are plenty of graphic design programs available today, ranging from the free programs to paid services. The graphics industry has set the standard of common design techniques and the graphic design software must be able to provide the necessary tools to meet the industry guidelines. With most graphic design software, the designer can create almost anything from a simple cartoon illustration to complex newspaper layout and advertisements. Graphic design software may not have the more advanced capabilities and features of paid services, but they are equipped with most of the tools that are needed to create more advanced work than simple photo editing.

Best Graphic Design Programs for 2016

Graphic design programs keep on improving through the years. There are, however, some graphic design programs that turned out better than the rest. The best graphic design programs for 2016 are: Serif DrawPlus X8, CorelDRAW Home & Student Suite, and Corel PaintShop.

Serif DrawPlus X8

Serif DrawPlux X8 offers vector brushes and tracing that are not present in other programs. With this program, you can draw lines onto your digital canvas using the newest feature – B-Splines. This can be done by clicking on each point, then manipulate the curves in order to create a perfect drawing.  It provides greater line accuracy with the new hairline option needed when working with intricate lines and designs. Hairlines allow for the thinnest possible line width that are essential in special printing cases.

Serif DrawPlus X8 enables user to easily create quickshapes for a variety of tasks using the new Replicate Tool. It also makes resizing intuitive with the Smart Sizing feature for easy manipulation of an object’s size. Serif DrawPlus X8 features Flood Fill tool that fills in a shape with a few simple clicks, and the intuitive Vector Pattern Fills that will be useful for filling shapes with custom patterns.

CorelDRAW Home & Student Suite

CorelDraw Home & Student Suite is considered one of the best graphic design programs in 2016 for many reasons which include features tools for tracing and layout, together with the photo-editing tools found in Corel Photo-Paint and Corel AfterShot.  The program has versatile resources and supports Windows 10, Real-Time Stylus, 4k display, and multi-monitor viewing. The program allows for easy and speedy creation of newsletters, reports, logos, or social media content.

Corel PaintShop Pro X9

The program features more responsive photo and design editing features, better project templates, Text Presets, and gradient tools. The new screenshot tools can capture screens and communicate with clarity. The program is impressive in creating photo, print, and web projects.There are plenty of other good graphic design programs available but the above three have raised the bar for graphic design programs.